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VIN#NameTransmissionYearColorInterior ColorMods
3FAFP11301R102216Vicki Franklinauto2000Mineral GreyGrey
3FAFP11301R128198Keith Schwerinauto2001Oxfod WhiteGrayPainted bumper (need money)
3FAFP11302R189973Jason Haleauto2002
3FAFP11302R238167Keith R. Colemanual2002Atlantic BlueGrey
3FAFP11303R136661Matt Shenkmanual2003Red ClearcoatCharcoalLower intake resonator removed
3FAFP1130WR153819 Sean K Leonard1998Toreador RedMedium Prarie TanDiamond Blue Halogen lamps, Crystal blue driving lights, Clear marker/blinker bulbs, Removed resonator system & replaced with Thinwall 2\" PVC piping, GTS Headlight Covers, Front end mask, Woodgrain shifter knob, Synthetic engine oil.
3FAFP11312R211978CJ Goochmanual2002Bright RedDark CharcoalNone as of yet
3FAFP11332R147619Nick Guevaramanual2002Silver FrostDark Charcoal
3FAFP11333RPatti Terrellauto2003Toreador RedPrairie Tan
3FAFP1133WR1718195Chad Petersonmanual1998RedGreyCarbon fiber shift knob, Sony XPlod reciever, Pioneer Front speakers, JBL Rear Speakers, and Kenwood Subwoofers with Rockford amp
3FAFP11341R212699Lisa Vaughanauto2001Mineral GreyDark CharcoalZX2 Decals, MTX Audio, Pioneer deck, Tinted windows, Blue undercar lights, Blue interior wire, Blue Pedals, Indiglow gauges, more on the way.
3FAFP11342R111244Bethany Tinsleyauto2002Silver FrostDark Charcoal GrayTinted windows, neons
3FAFP11342R124866Matt McVaymanual2002Silver Frost MetallicCharcoalPacesetter cat-back, K&N replacement air filter
3FAFP11342R170343Joseph Killewaldmanual2002Grabber GreenPrairie Tan LeatherNone yet.
3FAFP11343R103484Richard Routtenmanual2003BlueGray
3FAFP11343R103484Richard Routtenmanual2004BlueGray
3FAFP11343R165080Dan Millerauto2003BlackBlackIntake, Neon Lights...
3FAFP11352E237368William Friedlinemanual2002Redgrey
3FAFP11353R161958Steve Meyersauto2003RedCharcoalHID Headlights, APC Shifter, Chrome Windshield Washer Dispencers
3FAFP11361R218133Rebecca Wilsonauto2001silver frost metallictwo tone greyMusical Horn
3FAFP11371R229061Jake Michelsmanual2001Bright Atlantic BlueGraphiteLower resonator removed, leather shift boot, S/R shift knob
3FAFP1137WR172559Donald Davis Jr.manual1998Silver Frost Medium Graphite
3FAFP1137WR176515Dave Perkins1998Satin BlackMedium Graphite
3FAFP1137WR177079Kenneth Corneliusmanual1998Bright Redgreytransmission and interior lighting
3FAFP11381R174295Josh Milkovichmanual2001Silver FrostGreyUnder Construction
3FAFP1138WR160260Nate Guthriemanual1998Cardinal RedLight GreyUpper and lower resonator removal, Accel wires, Bosch platinum plugs, K&N air and oil filter, custom painted engine compartment, Alpine cd player (not too concerned with sound, although it sounds much better over stock). Much more to come
3FAFP11391R122643Matt & Kerri Altierimanual2001Sonic BlueCharcoal GreyJVC CD Deck, Ifinity Kappa & Pioneer speakers (Factory 12 CD Changer), Electric antenna, Energy Suspension Urethane bushings, B&M Pro Edge shifter, Leather shift boot, HS Performance HotShot Performance Intake, ZXTuner Open Element Intake.
3FAFP11391R169851Joe J. Hatchermanual2001Toreador RedMed. Prairie Tan (Leather)K&N cone air filter, Ford Racing (red) 9mm spark plug wires, stock chrome 14\" rims, run with Mobil 1
3FAFP11392R112504David Elymanual2002Charcoal GreyGrey Leather
3FAFP11392R221769Cat Barnettmanual2002Dark Shadow GrayDark Charcoal Leathernone yet
3FAFP11392R224462Brent Vanemanual2002Grabber GreenDark CharcoalNone yet olny 100 miles on car
3FAFP1139WR178430Mike Caban1998Light Pine GreenMedium Prairie Tan
3FAFP113X1R153626Mike Sprouseauto2001Bright Atlantic Blue MetallicDark Charcoal
3FAFP113X2R182142Stephen Oliverauto2002BlackGrey
3FAFP113X3R119490Mike Kaczmarskiauto2003Shadow Gray MetallicCharcoal2 - 10\" Polk Audio Subwoofers, 250 Watt MTX Thunder Amp
3FAFP113X3R128471Mike auto2003Twilight BlueCharcoalN/A
3FAFP113XWR156985Keith Stahlauto1998Silver frost
3FAFP1392R155076Brian Crandallmanual2002grabber greenmedium prairie tanreplaced upper resonator, removed lower resonator otherwise stock- ordered CTA intake, energy suspension motor mounts, nology plugs- more to come
3FAFP1392R155076Brian Crandallmanual2002grabber greenmedium prairie tanreplaced upper resonator, removed lower resonator, font end mask, otherwise stock- ordered CTA intake, energy suspension motor mounts, nology plugs- more to come
3FAKP110WR274476Steve Brogren 1998Torreodor RedGrey
3FAKP1110YR115038Pamauto2002Dark BlueTan
3FAKP1130WR189198Ben Watkins1998Denim Blue ClearcoatMedium GraphiteRemovall of both the upper and lower intake resinators, custom ram air, K&N air filter and oil filter, Ractive sturt bar, clutch and brake pedal adjustment, curtousy of Keman, many more in the works.
3FAKP1130WR190903Mike Pruittmanual1998BlackGreyTotaled
3FAKP1130WR210020Jason Earl Tedrick1998WhiteGrey
3FAKP1130WR274820Megan Fehleyauto1998RedGreyzx2 decal, cd player, red pedal pads, green hood lights, green underbody lights
3FAKP1130XR161709James R. Elijah1998Graphite BlueDark Charcoal
3FAKP1130XR172886Christopher Boillotmanual1999RedGray
3FAKP1130YR199877Sara manual2000BlueGray
3FAKP1130YR228679Richard Veddermanual2000Bright RedK&N , Esslinger UDP, Amsoil Synthetic 0W-30,Hawk Brakes all around
3FAKP1131WR197617Allan Dodds ( bentforks )manual1998RedGrayCta Motorsports Intake. 2 1/4 pipe cat back to Dynomax Ultraflow SS Muffler, Ractive Strut Bar, EGT Rear Sway Bar, Energy Suspension Bushings.
3FAKP1131WR212875Angie Everettmanual1998GreenGrayall I\'ve done so far is put some 17\" wheels on....
3FAKP1131WR264846Samuel Sammons1998WhiteGreyCustom Lighting package, for fire service use (all lighting is concealed, and includes wig wag headlights, rear red strobes, blue frontal strobes. Stereo mods include 10 disk cd changer, 400w amp, 2x8\" subs all Pioneer. Soon to come, Enkei wheels, Nitto rubber, Eibach springs, and a custom wing.
3FAKP1131WR264846Samuel Sammons1998WhiteGreyMinor Stereo Install, Cold air intake, Tint, Roof rack, and Custom side graphics
3FAKP1131XR144160Adam Morenoauto1999Amberbeigelower resonater removed, upper resonater modified, dynomax mufflers, 16*7 limited chrome rims, Champiro 55 Gt radials, painted engine, k&N Air filter, Air filter housing removed, neon lights under car, much more to come
3FAKP1131XR200338Chris Hajekmanual1999WhiteGreyK&N Airfilter
3FAKP1131YR103044Kevin A Criderauto2000BlackTanKemanized Intake, Custom Stereo, Vynal Touch-Up\'s and Addons
3FAKP1131YR160554Jordan VanCampmanual2000Silver FrostGreySilver Flames in window backed with Blue Ice Fader Tint. Blue Snake Eyes on washer fluid nozzles. MUCH MUCH more on the way!!
3FAKP1131YR191237Jonathan Deoachmanual2000SIlverBlack Charcoal LeatherJust K&N air and oil filters, Platinum sparks, some synth Castrol, Pioneer 6x9\'s in back and 6 1/2\'s in front off factory, and smoke-colored white side markers to match changed out white blinkers in front ... used to have 1/2 mirror tint but tickets here cost $150
3FAKP1132WR218295Paul Stolarz1998Toreador RedMedium GraphiteTinted the windows, put the ZX2 stock bra on it, Yakima bike/ski rack.
3FAKP1132WR226607Jason Webb1998Pacific GreenMedium Graphite
3FAKP1132WR2569946Rob Hallett/Leslie Fall1998Satin BlackMedium Graphite
3FAKP1132XR105061Jennifer Bilharzmanual1998Misty bluish/grayGray clothLED washer lights
3FAKP1132XR128525Britt McMurtryauto1999SilverGrayHigh-end Pioneer audio setup
3FAKP1132XR148217Shane Hommelmanual1999Silver FrostCustom Charcoal, Blue, Black, SilverAPC Wire Mesh Grille, CTA Motorsports Intake, Pace Setter Cat-Back Exhaust, 3A Racing Pedals, 2-12\" Pioneer Subs, EFX Wires, and 600W Kenwood Amp
3FAKP1132XR171917Joseph Robertsmanual1999BlackCharcoalHot Shot Intake, Painted Engine Parts, Painted Calipers and Drums, body graphics, xtra decals, ZX2 Brake light decal mod,
3FAKP1132XR183050James E. Van Arsdallauto1999Oxford WhiteCharcoal Gray
3FAKP1132XR184523Stephan (A.K.A. Polish Prince)manual1999Silver FrostBlack/gray1 Yellow Top Optima Battery, 1 200 Amp Alternator, 1 Pioneer head unit , 1 Jensen 400 watt amp , 1 Kenwood 600 watt amp, 1 3 way crossover , 1dual 10 inch bandpass box, 2 Polk speakers , 2 Pioneer midrange speakers , Window film , rear reflecter painted same as car , 1 valentine radar detector hard wired into dash, 1 pair of PIAA extreme white headlight bulbs , 1 pair of PIAA extreme white license plate bulbs, 1 rubber radio antenna , 1 rear mounted fire extinguisher.
3FAKP1132YR168145Wes Cookemanual2000Twilight BlueCharcoal LeatherK&N Filter
3FAKP1132YR248691Anthony Silvamanual2000BlackGrey2 10\" 350W ea. Koiiler High endurance Professional subs and Boss 700w Rip-495 amplifier. Much more to come
3FAKP1133WR244646Rory Bowerinmanual1998RedGrey
3FAKP1133WR251970W. John Blanchard/ Duane R. Fishel 1998Satin BlackMedium Graphite
3FAKP1133XR137291James Holianauto1999GreenPraire Tanwww.geocities.com/geek_demonic
3FAKP1133YR175699Chris Bonnermanual2000BlackGreyS/R package, AFX UDP, FZRacing header, adjustable cam gears, AFX Fiberglass hood
3FAKP1134WR196686Robert Michael Buck1998Black SatinMed. GreyK&N, petals and shifter, exhuast, autometer phantom gauges, eibach springs, tint, and more.
3FAKP1134WR223045Santiago Loa, Jr.auto1998BlackGrayvery few, but more to come
3FAKP1134WR261701cuse0067manual1998BlueGray & BlueCustom Front Grill, Clear Corners & Parking LIghts With Hyper White Bulbs Also In Backup Lights, Ice Man Cold Air Intake, Venom 400, Removed All Resinators, Custom Exhaust With Apexi N1 Muffler, No Cat, B&M Short Shifter,& Stage 1 Weight Reduction (NO SYSTEM)
3FAKP1134XR159705Gary Hill Richardsmanual1999Toreador Red Metallic ClearcoatGrey
3FAKP1134XR206120Mike Townsendauto1999whitegraynone
3FAKP1134YR105855 Jonathan Rainesmanual2000Toreador RedTan
3FAKP1134YR236302Aaron Locymanual2000BlackGreyS/R Iceman intake 17\" rims Combat Bodykit and new scoop hood
3FAKP1134YR242326Mike Adelmanual2000Bright RedBlack/GrayS/R package...17\" ADR Revolution on Kuhmo rubber...Kemanized Airbox, Casio 5\" screen and PS1, Xplod sound system, and tint 20% up front, 5% in the back
3FAKP1135WR188323 Mark Haggard1998Pacific GreenPrairie Tan
3FAKP1135WR206657Jarett Humphrey1998Satin blackMedium Graphite
3FAKP1135YR106108Evan Sommersauto2000Bright Island BlueDark CharcoalWhite gauge face, 17\" white Edge C7 rims
3FAKP1135YR160105David Tmanual2000Dark GreenTan ishCurrently an akimoto intake, blue dash gauges from procarparts.com (don\'t go there) Motegi 17\" rims. planning on a chip soon, currently trying to find a company that sells a super or turbocharger. If you have any info on mods please email me,
3FAKP1135YR171413Xavier Cruzmanual2000whiteblack
3FAKP1135YR220366Matthew Hurseymanual2000YellowCharcole GrayK&N air filter, 17\" chromiunblack 7 star rims
3FAKP1136WR229901Daniel J. Tanner1998Denim Blue MetallicMedium Graphite Cloth
3FAKP1136WR247623Alex Kappesmanual1998Satin BlackGreyLower and Upper Resonator removed, Eibach Prokit Lowering Springs, Toyo Proxes T1-S all around, Strut Tower Brace, JL Audio 10W3 Subwoofer powered by an Alpine V12 amp.
3FAKP1136WR255432Craig Dziakmanual1998Black CC MetallicGreyMSD coil pack, FRPP 9mm wires, low temp t-stat, CTA Motorsports intake, 19mm rear sway bar, ES complete bushing kit, IAT/ECU POTS
3FAKP1136XR173069Joe Dyttmerauto1999RedBeigePioneer Deck, Pioneer Seperates, Eclipse Amp, Tinted Windows, rebuilt 2.0L 2001 Focus block.
3FAKP1136XR211450Matt Bacchusmanual1999Zinc YellowMidnight BlackToo many to list go to: www.cardomain.com/id/zx2sr
3FAKP1137WR214422Gary Hollenbach1998Ash GoldMedium Prairie TanDAEWOO head unit, 4-channel Pioneer amp, 4 X 6 Pioneer speakers, K&N air filter, silver racing stripes.
3FAKP1137WR218387Beth Schreier 1998Toreador RedMedium Prairie Tan
3FAKP1137WR222035Bryan Zamora1998Satin Black Medium GraphiteIon Crystal headlamps, Clear Turn Signals, Flowmaster Exhaust
3FAKP1137XR159892Blaine M Emersonmanual1999Silver w/ Black Racing StripesGray/BlackK&N Cold Air Intake, Borla Exhaust, GT Wing, SuperChip
3FAKP1137YR236679John P. Wessonmanual2000BlackGrayS/R package, 76 mm intake, polished MAF, 58 mm throttle body, CWQ3 code PCM, AFX UDP, 20.6 mm rear swaybar, 16X7 Enkei RPO1, PZero 205/50R16
3FAKP1137YR237203Nick Wheelermanual2000Zinc YellowBlack/GrayGround Lights (Yellow), Neon Yellow Racing Pedals, Replaced stock shifter with one ball
3FAKP1138WRScott Napierala1998RedGreyK&N air filter
3FAKP1138WR184878Jimmy & Chasidy Wrightauto1998GreenGreyNone yet. Still learning...
3FAKP1138WR194035Ravinauto1998Tord. RedStockRose Red tint on windows,Red turn signals,Short Ram intake,Pace Setter Cat-Back ,Full Sony Xpold System.
3FAKP1138WR205048Erin Penderauto1998Atlantic BlueGrayWhite wave detailing on both sides, neons (coming soon)
3FAKP1138WR221119 Christi Newsome1998Bright RedMedium GraphitePlanning tires & wheels, stereo system, and some other things. I plan to make this one hell of a show car.
3FAKP1138WR225428 Sue Turanin1998Ash GoldMedium Prarie Tan added power sunroof
3FAKP1138WR230662John Sullivan1998Bright Red Medium Graphite
3FAKP1138WR256355Charles L Traceymanual1998Bright Red ClearcoatGreynone as of yet
3FAKP1138XREric Spitlerauto1999Toreador RedMed. Prairie Tannothing yet....planning
3FAKP1138XR219596Robert Filakovskyauto1999Autumn OrangeMedium SaddleEsslinger udp, K&N air filter, both resonators removed, 180 degree thermostat, custom cold air intake, Superchip on the way.
3FAKP1138YR222239Henry Cawthonauto2000Autum OrangeBlack
3FAKP1139UR218360Heather Brambleauto1998BlueGrey
3FAKP1139WR187434Tim Hansenauto1998whitegray w/blue detail & white accentsKeman mods
3FAKP1139WR213John Calia1998Bright RedMedium Graphite
3FAKP1139WR214941Zachary Wheatmanual1998Satin BlackGreyCTA Intake, Underdrive pulley, Energy Suspention Bushings, S/R Struts, Intrax Springs, JBA Header, 2 1/4 Catback exhust, Magnaflow muffler, 16\" ALT 210, Yokohama 205/40R16, EBC brake pads, IAT/ECT Sensor mod, B&M Shifter, Carbon Fibre shift knob, Leather shift boot, Accel coil, Magnacore wires, Nology Plugs.
3FAKP1139WR237698Marshall Wolfeauto1998Metallic BlackGrey
3FAKP1139XR132127Paul Luttonmanual1999GreenGrey ClothResonaters removed, Filter Housing Modified, K&N Filter
3FAKP1139XR134041Shannon Strodtmanauto1999WhiteCharcoal
3FAKP1139XR140048shelby kinkaidauto1999bluegreyjvc 12 c/d changer...fondmetal 17 X 7 rims and yokohama 205/40/17
3FAKP1139XR155861Jeffmanual1999Graphite BlueCharcoalAll Stock
3FAKP1139XR187533Josh Friedmanauto1999BlackTannone
3FAKP113XWR188950Shannon Leeauto1998GreengreyLowered, ractive exhaust
3FAKP113XWR189158Hunter Ely1998Pacific GreenTanRemoved both resonators, painted Escort ZX2 on bumper, tweeters on the A-pillars, carbon fiber shift knob.
3FAKP113XWR199379 Lee Warden1998Light Denim BlueSlate Blue
3FAKP113XWR254381Andrew Paul Hudson1998Satin BlackMedium Graphite
3FAKP113XXR163337Jim Lockettauto1999WhiteGrayHomemade Intake Mod, Rear bumper decal, indiglo gauges, chrome gauge bezel, chrome pedals
3FAKP113XYR176459Travis Mitchellmanual2000YellowGrayS/R
3FAKP113XYR236899Anthony Quintanamanual2000BlackGreyEibach Suspension Kit, SuperChip, Upper/Lower Resonator Removal, Cold Air Intake, 35% Tint, Fog Lights
3FAKP113XYRA69401Jeromy Brooksmanual2000BlackSmokeAir Filter, Indiglo Display, Spark Plugs and Wires
3FAKPII36WR236606Jesse Aguilarmanual1998redgreysilver star headlight bulbs, super white turnsignal bulbs, cyber white driving lights, shift knob and shift boot, K&N airfilter, red reverse lights, red ford racing seatbelt pads, JVC head unit, Rockford fosgate amp and two 10\" HE subs, pioneer 6 1/2 3 ways up front, a custom built subwoofer enclosure, a red neon light and black light that go with the bass. i plan to add a CTA intake and relocator kit, a magnaflow exhaust, unorthedox cam pulleys, and a B&M short shifter, and some ADR 17\" m-sports, and a EVO body kit
3FAKPII39XR2I5086Felicia Lee Vautourauto1999WhiteGrayDual Intake
3FALOII31WRI06320Cristian Escalante1998BlackGreyCarbon fiber custom parts, such as: air intake, strut bar cover, racing pedals, side mirrors, gas cover, super touring rear wing. Dynomax bullet magnum muffler with custom carbon fiber exaust tip and resonator 3\" diameter case. 17x7 Konig GT-R wheels with 205/40ZR-17 sumitomo tires. Intrax Lowering Springs 1.75\" drop, front calipers and rear drums painted in red color with clear coat finish. 4 strobe lights. 15% tint windows. Interior, red color dash with clear coat finish. White stripes around car, ROUSH logo and windshield sticker.
3FALP1130WR126462Jody Williams 1998Bright RedGrey2 Polk 5x7 coaxles, a pair of 5 1/4\" Polk coaxles with crossovers and 1\" tweeters, Kenwood 400 watt 4-way amp, 2 manual 12\" subs and another 400 watt 2-way amp for subs. The amps are installed where the spair tire used to be with a hole cut out of the wood cover and a peice of plexi-glass for show. All interior and licsence plate lights were changed to blue. Soon to come..... Custom supra style spoiler and custom ground fx.
3FALP1131WR119892Christopher M. Pipermanual1998WhiteGreyKeman mods, Enkei RS6 16x7s, Borla Tuned Exhaust, in the design stage of a fab/install of an intercooled Eaton MP45 for some serious a$$kicking speed.
3FALP1133WR151873Deekmanmanual1998Dark Metallic BlueBlueJL Audio 10\" sub, Prestige 240 W amp more to come
3FALP1135WR100312 Chip O\'Brien1998Pacifica GreenGreyDunlop D40M2 (205/55/15) on stock Sport Wheels, K&N Filter, JBL GTQ 360 Amp, Polk Speakers, Sony CD
3FALP1135WR100858Jim Stelene1998Toreador RedMedium Prarie Tan
3FALP1135WR120432Robert Seamon1998BlackGreyI swapped the 14\" wheels for a 15x5.5\" set from a \'90 Escort GT. They have Firestone Firehawk P195/60-15 on them now instead of the facrtory P185/65-14 Goodyear Eagle GA tires.
3FALP1136WR133142Sam Gibson1998Bright RedGreyK&N Filter, Resonator #1 removed, Resonator #2 modified, Cold Air induction,Governor override, Flowmaster muffler w/ Monza tip soon to come...
3FALP1136WR133142Sam Gibson1998Bright RedMedium GraphiteK+N air filter, airbox modified for cold air, Raptor muffler, Temp. sensor mod, Various cosmetic alterations...
3FALP1137WR122375 Michael Perkins1998Toreador RedMedium GraphiteK&N Air Filter, GTS headlight covers, 15\" American Racing AR-57 wheels and Kumho tires
3FALP1138WR138763Jeff Houghmanual1998WhiteGrayStock
3FALP1138WR140545Lucas Rossauto1998RedGrayNew 6x8s and an amp for them...
3FALP1138WR145048Chris Bonnermanual1998Toreador RedGreySuperchip, intake resontors removed, K&N air filter.
3FALP1138WR146619Brett Ragonauto1998Denim Blue/white racing stripesWhite/BlueToo many to list, but shes one of the fastest!!............ www.cardomain.com/id/onefastzx2
3FALP1139WR112706David Castor1998Torreador RedMedium Graphite
3FALP1139WR133023John Varry1998Denim BlueMedium Graphitesuperchip , k&n filter , sealed pressure ram air , eibach springs , front brake ducts , remote oil filter , speaker upgrade , complete body insulation , under hood insulation , 3-autometer gauges use 2\" Z series , reflective window tint , ford wheel centers, auto-dimming rearview mirror& compass, arm rest console , synthetic engine& trans. oil , and front end mask.
3FALP1139WR144572Kathi Froio1998Satin BlackMedium graphite
3FALP113XWR110463Kike Castroauto1998dark greengreyweapon R intake system,super chip,esslinger cam and pully,night rider gauge face,and super charger
3FALP113XWR146508David Schneidermanual1998GreenGrayCold air intake, just got the car, much more to come soon!
3FKP1131YR215360John Kelseymanual2000GreenTan
3fafp11313r103457Shawn Clarkmanual2003Toreador Red baby!grey
3fafp11322r221323Jacek P.auto2002Silver
3fafp11331r235875steven toomeymanual2001
3fafp1135wr160085Eric Shelleymanual1998RedGreySo far: 2 Rockford Fosgate 12\'s, 2 MTX 200w amps a pioneer 6400 deck 2-5inch lcd screens on dash connected to a ps2. Im soon to be adding the intake and exhaust rims the whole 9.
3fafp11362r182168Joseph Sagermanual2002BlackDark GrayAlpine 7894 CD/MP3 player, and VW Shift knob from old Volkswagen Bus. Plan to purchase leather shift boot to replace factory rubber boot.
3fafp11363r113708Alan Gruskosmanual2003GrayDark grayNone
3fafp11381r218277matt sinkauto2001blkgryk&n air filter/removed itake sound resonaters/ tires/ HAS A HITCH (you gotta see it, HOME MADE LMAO)/switch for governer wire
3fafp11392r139508Chris Byrdmanual2002Dark Shadow Grey MetallicDark Charcoal Greynone...........YET!
3fafp1139wr177407Samuel Brencemanual1998WhiteCh. Grey
3fakp1130xr161815Morgan Williamsonauto1999Amazon Greengrey, blackRactive cat-back exhaust, esslinger underdrive pulley, hot shots cold air intake, accel super coil, 9mm Ford racing spark plug wires, JVC head unit, JL Audio mids & highs, Audiobahn 6x75w amp, 2 Audiobahn 12\" woofers.
3fakp1132wrz12299mj46707893atuuy3eAlexander Cruz-Oyolaauto1998red w/ silver spider webs, and blue ground effects kitgrayair intake, superchip added, headers, combat bomb kit, aluminum adjustable wing, flowmaster 2 1/4\" muffler, and euro lights coming soon.
3fakp1133wr259423Ron Bealauto1998
3fakp1133xr126937Matthew W. Byhamauto1999BlueGrayN/A
3fakp1134wr230030Larry Puseyauto1998Toreador RedPrairie Tan
3fakp1134yr191135Adrian Gonzalez SpeedyZX2manual2000BlackCharcoal GreyCTA Intake, Eibach Springs, Borla Muffler, AF/X UDP, Lenso 16\" Lt.weight wheels, 19mm Rear Sway Bar, Sony Xplod Head, Pioneer 6x8\'s
3fakp1136yr152689Christine Williamsauto2000BlueCharcoal Grey
3fakp1137xr173789Maria Aristiguetaauto1999Redgray
3fakp1137xr210369William W. Prothromanual1999SilverGreySupercharger, cold air intake, bigger throttle body and lots more
3fakp1137yr214066david w. lyle jr.manual2000redgrey
3fakp1138xr171355Randy manuel j.rauto1999BlackBlackK&N air filter, home made cold air kit, Alpine cda-7995 cd player, 1200watt Power Acoustik amp, 2-12\" vegas subs.
3fakp1139xr107440lucasmanual1999blackgrayin progress
3fakp113xxrz32530jarrett mcmorrismanual1999silvergrey/blackall the keman mods plus short throw shifter removal of spacer on cluth and brake pedal, kenwood sound erunubi body kit on the way
3fakp2211xr228495D.manual1999BlackCharcoalPacesetter header, bomz intake, borla muffler & tail pipe, ford racing plug wires, hi-po aluminum intake, power pulleys,adjustable cam gears, stage II cams, 50hp-shot of nitrous, 17\" SVT focus rims
3fakpll34xrl69926Dane Adamsauto1999brite orangetan/orangecarbon fiber muffler apc spoiler painted to match new body kit bumper audio system custom air intake
3falp1130wr129099Rochelle Gruskosauto1998RedgrayDamage to the deck lid and bumper cover from a Chevy S10 Blazer running into it when stopped at a light. Will fix A.S.A.P.
3falp1139wr135886John Hendricksonauto1998redtansuperchip, K/n filter, exhaust
4scott brownellmanual2002dark greycharcoal grey/light grey leathernone yet. just starting. need advice/ suggestions.
8fakp1137yr221793Michael Schultzmanual2000Yellow
N/AAaron Koniecznyauto2000BlackTanBorla Exhaust, Ice Man Intake, Bosch Platinum +4 Spark Plugs, Turbo Kit
N/AAaron Moyersmanual2000Egg-Yolk YellowBlack/Gray
N/AAdam Austinmanual2002BlueGreysoon.
N/AAdam Winnmanual2002Metallic GreyMidnight GreyXplod deck, indiglo gauges, indiglo racing pedals, two Kenwood 12\'s in sealed box, two Pioneer 600Watt sub amps, one 400Watt Koiiler 2 channel amp, one farad Fosgate punch cap, 4 gauge power wire, 3-60amp fuse distribution block, zxtuner upper intake, kemanized lower intake and cold air, k&n filter, 5300K 120watt headlights, projector ion yellow fog lights, galvanized mesh grill, carbon fiber hood on its way...
N/AAlexander Marquisemanual2000SilverBlack
N/AAlfred Lewismanual1999red
N/AAndrewmanual1999BlackTanlowered 1.5 in, borla exhaust, tint, blue headlamps
N/AAndrewmanual1999BlackTanlowered 1.5 in, borla exhaust, tint, blue headlamps, kicker 12\" sub + kenwood amp
N/AAngel Rentamanual2000Silver FrostGraphiteUnder Construction
N/AAntonio Aguilar Jr.auto2001blacktaninstalled new audio system: JVC head, 3 subs (10s JVC), door speakers 6 1/2 (rockford), Rear speaker (6 X 9 Viegas), two amps(700 punch & 200 punch Rockford)
N/AAubrey Blakeauto1999Blackgraytint, 16 inch TSW Revo rims, cold air intake, fog lights, mesh on the grill, and custom tail lights.
N/AAuteraauto2001Toreado RedCharcoal
N/ABen Horstemanual2000BlackGrey
N/ABerton Taylorauto1999blackgrayneed help
N/ABill Donaldson1998Toreador Red Medium GraphiteSecurity system, undercoating, Buffalo Bills and Rusty Wallace window stickers. Planning on air intakeresanator relacement with 2\" PVC, K & N air filter and cutting off end of lower intake, Polished aluminum 15\" rims and tires for spring of \'99.
N/ABill Lemp auto2000Oxford white Dark charcoal painted white CTA intake,essy udp,IAT/ECT mod,Low temp thermo,Glasspack muffler,Whole bunch of appearance mods,Stereo stuff.
N/ABilly J. Thurstonauto1998RED/WHITEBLUEweapon-r intake w/ reactive heat shilded filter. underdrive pully, cam gears, blue wire loom kit and vacum hose, superchip, blue racing seats, ichiban shifter and ebrake, $1400 sound system, wings wsest body kit, GTR type-c wing, konig wheels 17\" w/ 205/40/fz17 falken ziek tires, zetec windshield decal, exc. ( http://expage.com/chezbilly )
N/ABraden Haysmanual1998RedBrownPioneer DEH-8400MP head unit, 2-12\" Cerwin Vega DVC, Rockford 500.2 amp, 2 Rockford 6\"X8\" rear speakers
N/ABrett Perryauto2000BlackGraphitenone yet-- IceMan intake, K&N air filter, and window tints coming real soon, possibly a Borla muffler, and then who knows...
N/ABrett Stockauto1999RedGrayAll custom interior work, 5% tint all around, cold air intake, and much more on the way.
N/ABrian Beckmanual1998Blacknonetotally gutted, full 2.5\" custom exhaust with custom header, custom cold air intake, race buckets, tach and other ish
N/ABrian Rowlandmanual2000Bluegreychanging it to yellow17 inch crome wheels and tires, Eibach lowering springs, MSD digital ignition, 2 and a quater inch exhaust from cat back, Tinted windows, in dash pioneer dvd player, Two fosgate 10 inch subs and a 475 watt MTX amp, JBL gto series mids and highs. Interior blue neon lights also.
N/AC.W.O\'Brienmanual1998Pacifica GreenGrayIceMan Intake, K/N Filter, DiabloSport Chip, Eibach Springs, Tokico Struts/Shocks, Borla Exhaust, B&M Short Throw Shifter, OZ 17\" Wheels, 8.5mm S/R Plugs. 2-10\" Rockford HE202 Punch Subs, Kenwood Amp, Kenwood Z919 MP3/CD-RW/CD/FM-AM/ Head Unit, Polk DB/Momo Speakers, Dynamat Insulation.Car is lowered 2.5\"
N/ACaleb auto1999BlueBlack/ Grey
N/ACaleb Eichhornauto1999BlueBlack
N/ACarl Pattersonmanual2000Zinc YellowEsslinger Underdrive pulley, 17\" OZ F1 Cup wheels with 205-40-17 Dunlops
N/ACarmen Valentiauto1999Black ClearcoatOrange and BlackHotshot I/H/E, Esslinger UDP and Adj. Cam Gear, Gude Throttle Body, Taylor Plug Wires, Accel Coil, Level Ten Racing tranny soon
N/ACarmen Valentimanual2000Zinc YellowDark Charcoal GreyFord Racing UDP, Ford Motorsports Wires, Accel Coil
N/AChad Christensonauto1998Lt. Denim Blue MetallicgrayK&N air filter, tint, spoiler, American Racing wheels
N/AChantel Hobbsmanual2001WhiteTanNone
N/ACharles Holbrookmanual2001BlackGreyBattery Relocation, Upper & Lower Air intake resonators removed, short shifter installed, ported and polished JBA exhaust header.
N/AChasity Hustonauto1999BlueBlackBlue front blinkers, Blue interior light, Blue neon tube in back window, Billit valve stem covers and door locks, removed top resinator system and replaced with 2\" PVC painted metallic blue, removed bottom resinatior system, carbon fiber shifter knob, Metallic blue motor accents, metallic blue mesh grill over fog lamps, blue stobe show lights in head light along with neon light in headlamps.
N/AChris Casperauto1998REDGreyICE man intake , K&N performance air filter , Sony Xplod ES Sound System , 6 disk changer moved from trunk to under passenger seat , Thats about all.
N/AChris Higginsauto1999SilverGrey3 10\' Soundstream Spl Subs, Custom Box, 501\\ Rubicon Amp, Panasonic In-Dash, Colored Wheels, Viper Alarm, LED Hood Lights, Ractive MT610 Exhaust, Easy-Flow Cat.
N/AChris Osment auto1998Diamond Blue Light Blue I\'ve added Rims to my car, Undercar neon kit, Cobra Eyes on the hood, and Blue Halogen Bulbs. Even a System.
N/AChris Westonmanual2001Bright RedCharcoal Black
N/AChris Whittenburgmanual1999RedBlue and RedSuperchip, pacesetter cat-back exhaust, esslinger udp, weapon-r intake, msd coil, sony x-plode dual 12\", alpine class d amp 700x2, rockford fosgate power capacitor, sony x-plode component 5 1/4\" set, sony deck, monster cable, 5 % window tint, progress lowering springs, kyb gas shocks, aluminum spoiler, 9mm race wires, strut tower brace, indiglo guages, indiglo race pedals, red neon lights in back
N/AChristinaauto1999bluegreycustom intake and exaust, and sound system
N/AChristopher Wrightmanual1999white2 tone grey
N/AChristopher Browningauto2002SilverGrayNone yet
N/AChristopher Livingstonmanual2000BlackBlacknone
N/AChunsheng Liumanual1998redgrey
N/ACorey Fostermanual1999WhiteGreyLED washer lights
N/ACourtney Borgardtmanual1998Royal BlueLight Grey
N/ADAvis Shaffermanual1998BlackTanToo many to list, more on the way...
N/ADC Cavymanual2001GreenTanA bunch
N/ADan Brunette1998Silver Frost MetallicMedium graphiteGTS Headlight and Tailight covers. GTS wind deflector. Soon to be Tenzo 100 driving lights. Blue Ion headlights. Lebra full front end cover. Window tint(35% on doors, 5% on rest) Set of 15\" Enkei RF-1 rims with 205/50/VR15 Nitto NT450 tires. Flowmaster Muffler w/Brospeed 4\" tip. All of Keman\'s Intake mods. K&N air filter. Nology hotwires(red). Silverstone solid silver sparkplugs. Clarion head unit with Kenwood components in front and 5 1/4\" three ways in rear deck. Rockford Fosgate 12\" DVC subwoofer w/ Rockford 75.2 amplifier. Within one month adding Superchips ECU upgrade and Eibach springs for a 1.3\" drop.
N/ADan Gaalauto1998Pacific GreenGray and WhiteHotshot Intake, Genie Exhaust, Nology Plug Wires, Beru Silverstone Sparkplugs, K&N vent filter, K&N air filter, Ram Air, Pilot Driving lights, Side marker lights, Superchips ECU upgrade, Blaze shifter, autoring pedals, White painted dash, too much to list.
N/ADan Nelsonmanual1999Black
N/ADanny Crockettmanual2000BlackCharcolS/R package
N/ADaryl Shelbymanual2000Cardinal RedGrey16\" Alt Litespeeds, Progress Springs, 2.25 Cat-back Exhaust w/ Flowmaster 40 series muffler, Iceman Intake, Tinted Windows, 2 12\" Alpine Type R subs, Infinity Fronts and Rears, Kenwood HU | Soon to come: Celica Spoiler, Andys Combat Kit, JBA header, Short Shifter, Centerforce Clutch, C/F Hood(not sure yet on hood)
N/ADave Mouyal2000WhiteCharcoalintake, Gude throttle body, 2.25\" catback exhaust, custom short throw shifter
N/ADavid Backuesmanual1998redgrayakimoto intake, kicker solo baric 10 in sub, 17\" ADR gun metal gray wheels
N/ADavid Grahammanual2000Citrius GoldTanRemoved both resonaters, put in a K&N Air Filter and cut open the air filter box.
N/ADemetrios Geniatakisauto1999Toreador RedMedium Prarie TanAkimoto Cool Air Intake, Ractive Stainless Mesh Air Filter, Ractive Strut Tower Bar, Bosch 8mm Spark Plug Wires, Bosch Platinum 4 Spark Plugs, Borla Catback Exhaust System, Holagen Head Lights and Fog Lights, Hyper White Turn Signals, 2x 5.25\" Polk Audio Speakers and 2x 5/7\" Polk Audio Speakers.
N/ADerek A.auto2000Midnight Blue Metalic PaintBlack and GreyK&N Air Filter, K&N Oil Filter, APC exaust, Strobe Lights, Fog Lights, Tinted Windows, APC Blue Parking Lights, and also repainted the cup holder and the air vent dark blue to match the color of the car!!!
N/ADerrick Gillespiemanual2002Redcharcoal/gray seats silver and blue everything elseAll Keman mods, tribal decals, 18X7.5 konig rims on toyo tires, MTX sound system, ZX2 bomb bodykit, head and taillight covers painted to match car , fiberglass hood, APC proformance exaust, and 2 inch pipe throughout
N/ADonny Hartsellauto1998GreenGreySony Xplod System, Excel 17 inch Rims
N/ADustin Allenmanual1998SilverGray
N/AElisemanual1998Cherry RedGreyN/A Right now working on her though.
N/AEric Kelmmanual2001Twilight Blue MetallicMedium GraphiteCTA Intake, Magnaflow muffler, more to come...
N/AEric Ortegamanual2001Dark BlueGrey
N/AEric Pramick1998Satin BlackMedium Graphite w/ Black seat covers on the front onesTinted Windows, K&N Air Filter, Pioneer CD Player, Rockford 12\" Punch sub with Pioneer Premier amp, looking to get chrome rims
N/AEric Spitlerauto1999Toreador RedTanHotshot Intake, Accel Coil, S&B Air Filter
N/AErika Carterauto1998RedGrey
N/AGarett Merkmanual1998BlackGreyB&M short throw shifter, leather shift boot, K&N air filter, ZX2 S/R High Performance Engine Computer, Ractive strut bar, Ford Racing struts, Eibach springs.
N/AGary Burgessauto2003Dark Shadow Grey MetallicDark Charcoal
N/AGary Ghazarianmanual1999Bright RedDark GreyRemoved lower intake, upper intake (Kemanized), Home made Ram Air kit, K&N Air Filter, B&M shifter, Blaupunkt head unit, 205/60/15 BFG\'s on stock 15\" swirl rims, Hyper white headlight bulbs
N/AGary Meleady IIauto2003Bright Island Blue MetallicDark Charcoal Cloth SportTinted Windows, Lower Resonator Removal, ZXTuner Upper Intake Elbow, K&N Air Filter, Pacesetter Monza Catback Exhaust System, Diablo Sport Chip
N/AGene Marchandmanual2000SilverLeather Cd player head unit in dash
N/AGeorge Dmanual2002BlackGraynone yet
N/AGilmanual2001RedBlackPacesetter cat-back, Hotshot intake, Ford Racing Wires,
N/AGil Lanciamanual2000yellowblackice man cold air intake, borla muffler and exhaust, eibach springs, tokyo struts and combat bomb body kit
N/AGreg Welchauto2001Grey/BrownBrownTint and many many More to come
N/AHarrel Kimballauto1999BlackTanFull JL Audio ystem with Alpine CD player,Green underbody neon,Black neon inside,Green Cobra Eyes,Green Frontal Strobes,Switcboard in dash for everything,Seat Covers,Soon will have rims,Wings West Body kit,and aluminum spoiler
N/AHeather Hancock 1998Satin BlackMedium Graphite
N/AIan Ramseymanual1998WhiteGreyNone yet
N/AJ. Williams1998Toreador RedMedium Graphite
N/AJamesauto1998SilverGraysunroof, 6 cd-changer
N/AJames Kotaramanual2002char greydrk. greydiablo chip, cust. (home) made intake pipe work, gvnr. on/off switch ... Many more to come!
N/AJames Littlemanual2002Dark Shadow GrayDark CharcoalK&N filter, no lower resonator, chopped airbox, Kenwood CD, bazooka monoblock amp, 2 Infinity 12s
N/AJamie Delawdermanual1999Blue and WhiteBlackCustom Paint, Z-racing rims, Faulken Tires, G-spec Muffler, K&N air filter, Mesh grille, custom graphics
N/AJasonmanual1999BlackGreyKemanized intake. Rest is stock
N/AJason Ackermanmanual1998Toreador RedTansome stuff :)
N/AJason Barthelmanual2000Zinc YellowCharcoal GreyAfx hood, Afx pulley, JBA header, Diablo chip, K&N filter, CarbonFiber dash kit, Sony X-plod headunit.
N/AJason Bowersmanual2000BlackCharcoal
N/AJason Duncanauto1998WhiteGray2 Kicker 12\'s, Profile 800 watt amp, tinted windows
N/AJason Garciamanual1999Black PearlCharcolIceman intake, K&N, MSD Coil, 1mm sway bar, Energy Suspension bushings, Superchip
N/AJason Hatchmanual1998RedGrey2 12\" JL Audio w3 subs, 500 watt Alpine digital Amp, Kenwood cd player, replaced upper air resonater with pvc pipe, removed lower air resonater
N/AJason Silveyauto1999redtan
N/AJason Solywodamanual1999SilverBlackjust got it all i\'ve done so far is disabled the governor
N/AJeffmanual1998RedTinted windows, 9mm sparkplug wires, bosch pltnum 4 plugs, removed the resignator with a turbo muffler, ractive strut tower bar, light weight aux. pully, iceman cold air intake, short throw shirter, flex metal trim kit and floor mats, flex metal shift knob, all hyper white lights
N/AJeff Serra1998Satin BlackMedium Prarie TanRemoved resonator #1, cut airbox, cold air intake, Pioneer CD, 4\" TV, Polk Audio 5X7s, manual 60X2 amp
N/AJenee Eastonauto2000Toreador RedDark Gray
N/AJenna Fitchettauto1999BlackTannot yet!
N/AJeramyauto2002BlackBlack/GreyBlack Light-Neons, CD Player, System, Steering wheel cover.....
N/AJeremy Jamrosemanual2002Dark Shadow GrayDark Gray
N/AJewels Bentleymanual2000RedTanWork progress
N/AJimmie G. Seiblemanual2002Dark Shadow GrayCharcoalarmrest console, Borla muffler, Iceman intake
N/AJoeauto1999BlackTanJust got it not sure yet
N/AJoel Martinezauto2002BlackGrayNo Governer, Removed Upper&Lower Resonators, Added Super Chip, Underdrive Pulley, Cam Gears, Cold Air INtake
N/AJoel Martinezauto2002BlackGrayNo Governer, Removed Upper&Lower Resonators, Added Super Chip, Underdrive Pulley, Cam Gears, Cold Air INtake
N/AJoel Savilonismanual1998GreenGreyAftermarket sunroof, stereo
N/AJohnauto1998Sunray GoldGold
N/AJohn C. Raglandmanual1998Silver FrostGrey two toneNology Hotwires, 17in Rims ASA JS5\'s, GTS Ground Effects, Custom Muffler Tip, Superchip, Tornado, KKM Air Intake, Intake Re-modification removed air restrictions, Spoiler Adjustable, Bosh PlatinumX4 Spark Plugs, 93 Octane Fuel. Gotten to 121 MPH with Mods. Did not go any further, Smoked Nissan Maxima, ZX2\'s pull forever...
N/AJohn Gallicchioauto2000Dark GreenCharcoalK&N Air Filter, Removed Resinators, Bosch Platium 4 Plugs, Sony Stereo w/ Dual 12\" Subs
N/AJohn P Conradauto2002silverblack5%tint/decals
N/AJohn Rapitsauto1999
N/AJon Owensauto2000atlanitc blueblack
N/AJon Phelanauto2001RedTanKeman\'s MOD\'s to the intake, Xeon Blue Headlights, K&N airfilter and oilfilter, Just ordered, and will soon be on the car MTEC TITANIUM WINDSHIELD WIPERS, Carbon Fiber dash kit, Carbon Fiber Hood, Halo Indiglo Gauges. Soon to have a lot more though.
N/AJon Scribnermanual1998RedRed/WhiteExhaust, 17\" wheels, Custom interior
N/AJon Scribnermanual1998RedWhite/Red (custom)just interior modifications so far, i plan on buying a body kit soon
N/AJonathan Yarnallauto2001Dark BlueCharcoalWeapon R Intake, Matrix Heat Shield, No Resonators, Pioneer 9300 head unit, some minor stuff....
N/AJordan Perksmanual2000YellowGrey
N/AJorge Lopezmanual1999REDCharcoal GreyNone yet, but very soon!!!
N/AJose D. Diazauto1999BlackTannone yet :P just got the car need funds
N/AJose Garciamanual1998GreenGrey
N/AJoseph Woodsmanual1998Blacktwo tone black/greyhot shot intake, borla exhaust, modified super chip, N.O.S. at 110 shot, combat bomb body kit, neon blue under light kit. more to come!
N/AJosh Bryantmanual1998greengreyweapon r intake, exotic wing, 17\" 8 spoke hyper silver wheels with low profiles, reverse indiglow gauges, green marker lights, exhaust, 2-10\" alpine subs, removed air resonators, and representin the Ground Zero car club with a combat bomb kit, and a new paint job in the near future
N/AJosh Harcourtauto1999Toreador RedTanJSP Apache Wing, 16\"x7\" ASA EM9 Rims w/Toyo Proxes FZ4\'s, Intrax Sport Springs, Red wipers, Red E-Brake Handle, Red Shifter Handle, Red Pedels, Iceman Intake, Cut Airbox w/K&N Filter, Custom 2.25\" Catback exhaust, Superchip, Custom Stereo System.
N/AJuan &Juanita Zavalaauto2002greygreyright now it has ford racing 9mm wiring, ford motorsport high performance plugs, k&n typhoon intake
N/AKatemanual2002silvercharcoal grey
N/AKathy Smithmanual2002Navy BlueCharcoalTint, Cd Player(installed)
N/AKatie-Anne Wylieauto1999WhiteTanneon lights(interior)
N/AKayla Portermanual2002Midnight BlueCharcoalPower everything, A/C, cruise control, cd player, window tint, spoiler, alloy wheels, premium sound, keyless entry
N/AKeith Kesnig1998GreenGrayIceman intake system, 2.5 cat back exhaust, Ford Racing Pullies, Diablo Chip, Nitto 555R drag radials, NOS system,
N/AKelly Rogersauto1998WhiteGrey
N/AKevinauto1998RedTannone yet
N/AKevin Callahanauto1998GreenTanPainted Bumper (Much like Keith, working on the money thing.)
N/AKevin Walkerauto2001Midnight BlueGrayExhaust, Altered Intake, Interior Cosmetics
N/AKirk Michael Sweetmanual1999Sunray GoldTanIntake, Flowmaster exhaust with 2 1/2 \" pipe, rebuilt transmission with Ford Racing and performance internals.
N/AKirk Sweetmanual1999GoldTaniceman intake, kamakazi headers, custom 2.5\" side pipe, accel coil pack, msd plug wires, #19 injectors, bored tb, stage II kevlar clutch, zex
N/AKristinauto1999SilverGrayTinted windows, Kenwood CD unit, 4x6 Pioneer rear speakers, Kicker 4 channel amp, mini bra, headlight and turn signal blackout covers...more mods on the way for sure
N/AKyle Cromermanual1999BlackCharcoal ZXTuner 4-2-1 Header, Hotshot 2.5\" Exhaust, Esslinger UDP, Esslinger Cam Gears, Esslinger Intake and Exhuast Camshafts, Hotshot Cold Air Intake w/shielded air filter, S/R computer, POTS mod
N/ALisa Dziedzicmanual2000Toreador RedGrey/BlkStock
N/ALoafauto1999dark bluecreamcustom intake, k&n Filter, resanators all remeoved, custom 6x9 speaker job in the back, koss 10 disk cd changer, borla exust 2.50 bright white light bulbs in taillights. cooper lifeline lowradius tires. soon to come: 12\'\'subs, and new brakes
N/AMarc A. Smithauto2000BlackBlack/gray
N/AMarc Lopezauto1999greenbiegeHot Shots cold air intake, 8mm wires, Bosch platinum 4 plugs, 2 3/4\'\' exhaust,3R Racing muffler, engine breather
N/AMark Mioduckimanual2003Bright RedGrey
N/AMarsha Misseyauto1999BlueGray & BlackBlack outs, Black seat interior (front and back), Ford floor Matts, Neon Blue Light Int., 10 Disc Changer, Ford Racing Decal , Tinted Back and Opra windows.... (http://home.talkcity.com/SparkplugST/fordscort/MyZx2.html)
N/AMatt Drydenauto2000Metallic BlueBlack
N/AMatt Fowlermanual2002Dark Shadow Grey MetallicDark CharcoalHmmm....I want to put an armrest in it, but not sure if I want to shell out 114 god d*mned dollars for it.
N/AMatt Patrickauto1998RedGreyPioneer head unit, 2 Diamond CM3 subs, Diamond components, Diamond 5x7rear speakers, Memphis 600watt for subs, Eclipse 300watt for highs, Memphis Cap, Extreme Dynamat (Trunk,Roof,and doors), Iceman Intake, K&N filter, Red wire loom, Optima Redtop Battery, Streetglow (gold series) underbody neons(red), Python alarm, APC red seat covers, White face reverse glow gauges, APC pedal covers and shift knob, 17\" PrimaX alloy rims, Custom exhaust with 4\" Tip, Ultra White Headlight bulbs, APC mesh grille, ZX2 Paint mod on rear bumber, and more very soon!!!!!!!!!
N/AMatt Reedmanual2001Twilight BlueCTA Intake, Ractive Strut bar, Ractive pedals, Vibrant muffler, B&M Shift Knob, Leather Boot.
N/AMatt Reeseauto1998Ox WhiteLight GraySo far just a sound system that will make your ears bleed. Started with the 10\" Sony Xplod subs on a 600W Harmon Kardon Amp. 6 1/2\" Xplods in the front. Then I add a Sony Xplod CD/MP3 head unit (170 songs on 1 CD). Coustem fit 6x9\" in back on an 80W cheep amp.
N/AMatt Schallmanual2000silversilver working on that now
N/AMatthew Sleatermanual2000Toreadore RedPrairieK&N Air filter, Air silencers removed, Pioneer head unit.
N/AMatthew Zimmermanauto2003Dark BlueBlack
N/AMichael A Fauntleroymanual1999Denim Blue
N/AMichael A Fauntleroymanual1999Denim BlueGreyJBA Shorty Header, Iceman Intake, CTA Cat-Back Exhaust, Af/x UDP, MSD Coil, Ford Performance Plug Wires, Bosch plugs, B&M Shorty Shifter, Dual Centerforce Clutch...more to come
N/AMike Clifton1998Satin BlackTanFlowmasters, 15\" 5-star Chrome Wheels, Viper Alarm, K&N Filters, Eibach Springs (lowered 1 1/2\"), 2-12\" Fosgate Subs with 600-watt Orion Amp, Blackout Headlight Covers, Front End Mask, Ram Air, Momo Shifter Knob, Getting New Headers & New Intake, and a whole lot more to come!!!
N/AMike Spence1998Satin BlackGreyIntake, Superchip
N/AMike Wilczynski 1998Bright Silver FrostGraphiteRemoved large resonator box, K&N air filter, shortend air filter housing, Pioneer Speakers, Sony 10-Disc Changer
N/AMolly Dindiamanual2002**2003** twilight blue clearcoat metallicdark grey & blackonly 105 miles on her so far, i have some foglamps, and charcoal grey tint on the way....
N/AMonica Gauto1998BlueGrey
N/AMorag Allenmanual1998redgraylower resonator removed , K&N air filter , Vibrant muffler
N/ANate Abbottmanual1999RedTanEibach pro kit lower springs, K&N filter, mod cool air intake, ford racing plug wires, borla exhaust, ASA 16 inch rims with yokohama Parada tires, carbon fiber shift knob, leather shift boot, tinted windows, that\'s it right now.
N/ANate Battsauto1999Ash GoldPrarie Tan / Dark BlueWings West bodykit, Iceman Intake, MSD Ignition Coil, Ford Racing 9 mm Wires, Splitfire Plugs, Independant Fogs, Corksport Strut Tower Bar
N/ANate Guthriemanual1998Candy apple redGreyUpper and lower resonators removed, bosch platinum plugs, accel high output wires, K&N air filter and oil filter, custom painted engine, painted calipers, Alpine detachable face cd player.
N/ANeil Hicksmanual2000GreenTanCold air intake and exhaust
N/ANick Dopkemanual2000RedDark charcoalSuper White Plasma Bulbs, Super white bulbs inner turnsignal, red corner bulbs, resonator removal, custom trigger panel w/ 4 LED blue switches, carbon fiber knob,
N/ANick Goodwinmanual1998Silver FrostMedium Graphite
N/ANicole Bingham2000SilverExhaust Tip, Window graphics, Intake mods, Painted engine, Accel coil
N/ANoel Baldwinmanual2000BlackGraynone yet, still researching what\'s best.
N/APaciano Ebarvia1998Championship WhiteMedium GraphiteHotshot Fullstack intake, K&N filter, Magnecor 8mm race wires, NGK-R platinum plugs, custom painted championship white headlight covers, piaa super-white 1200 driving lights, Enkei 15\" RS evolutions w/ toyo proxes, custom interior paint
N/APaige Beasleyauto2002Bright RedGrey
N/APhil Gunthermanual2003Bright Island BlueCharcoalPioneer head unit, pioneer 12\" subs, boss 800w amp, speed steering wheel & seat covers, painted bumper, rubber flame floor mats, both resononators removed.
N/ARachel Harper1998Pacific Green (soon to be iridescent black)Prairie Tan (soon to be leather) K&N (5W-30 synthetic) oil and air filter and lots to come.
N/ARandall Shimkusmanual2000SilvergreyMANY!!!! on the way
N/ARich & Sharon Mitchell1998WhiteGrey
N/ARichard A. Del Regno1998Denim BlueGreyModifications: removing the 2 resonators, cutting my air box(working on a cold air intake to the right of the radiator),switched to 93 octane to try temp. sensor mod. and possibly insulating the sensor. many other ideas but i am poor and need a mechanics guidance(delregnr@yahoo.com)HELP!
N/ARick Schumannmanual1998BlackGrey
N/ARino Sanchezauto1998Denim BlueGreyYokohama YK 420 tires and Alpine CD changer
N/ARob B. (Knightfall)1998BlackGrey and black for nowAll resonators removed - K&N Filter - filterbox intake enlarged - OEX polished muffler - Eagle Alloys 17x7\" rims - Avon ZZ1 205/40ZR17s - front grill mesh - projector style foglights - red decal kit - painted engine peices, painted rear drum brakes, painted bumper emblem, painted wiper arms (all red) - red tinted Ford emblems - Pioneer headunit, 2amps, 3 10\" subwoofers - leather shift boot - carbon fibre shift knob - racing pedals - black light
N/ARobert Custodioauto1998Denim BlueGrey
N/ARobert Dierkingmanual2000Oxford WhiteTanBomz cat-back exhaust, Ford Racing 9mm wires, S/R chip swap, Upgraded fuel rail and fuel injectors, Pacesetter Short Shifter
N/ARobert Fillionmanual2000zinc yellowcharcoalcc
N/ARobert J. Jesionowski Jr.auto1999Tan/GoldBeige/Brown
N/ARobert Kerseymanual2002WhiteGraphite
N/ARobert Scarponemanual1998RedTanGround Control Suspension drop, 17\" Hyper X D-Spec white rims, ordered the Combat Bomb body kit
N/ARobert Unwinauto2000SilverBlueNone ( At This Time )
N/ARobert and Nina Seipauto1999Oxford WhiteGreyNona Yet
N/ARoberto Olmedomanual1998SilverGreyHeader
N/ARon Hobbsauto1998Toreador RedMedium GraphiteMagnaflow Muffler, Accel Supercoil, Iceman Intake
N/ARulomanual1999Redgrayaluminum rims
N/ARyan Haggertymanual1998RedTan
N/ASarah and Brandon Blanchard1998Light Denim BlueLight Grey
N/AScott Fentonauto1998Bright RedGreyCool blue headlights, Autolite performance plugs, bosch +4 platinum sparkplugs, Custom Exhaust, Jenson cd player, two mtx 6000 12\'s, Tinted windows, and Progress lowering springs, Planned mods: 17in rims and tires, Body kit from Andy\'s Auto Sport
N/AScott Saladinomanual1998REDGreyK&N Air/Oil Filters, Modified Stock Air Intake(resinators removed), Awia Head Unit CD, Rims Off 95 Escort, Borla Catback Exhaust 3in Pipe!!!, Eibach Springs, Indiglo Dash Kit, Neons (RED outside/Blue inside) Carbon Fiber Shift Knob, Pace Setter Short Shifter, Tints, Detailed Engin Red, 9mm Ignition Wries And Bosch Platnum 4+ Spark Plugs
N/AScott Schultz1998WhiteMedium Blueaftermarket fog lights, bigger exhaust tip, kenwood subs in trunk, Kenwood CD Player, Bra on front.
N/AScott Scoblemanual1999damn redwas tanhotshot header, nology wires and plugs, accel coil, nology amp, essy street cam, custom CAI, 2.5\" custom exhaust
N/AScott Topamanual2001Silver FrostCharcoal GrayNone yet, but working on some stuff
N/ASean Hendersonmanual1998Denim Blue MetallicBlueAmerican Racing Rims, Clarion DB225 deck, 2 Pioneer 12\'s with a Sony 750watt amp
N/ASharla L Salmoauto1998golden brownlight brown
N/AShaun Jones (KickerZX2)manual2000Black w/ vinyldark grayGude head package with stage 2 intake cam, stage 3 exhaust cam, 11.75:1 compression, iceman intake, phord racing front mount intake pipe (prototype), 70mm maf tube, 24 lb/hr injetors, Gude header, 2.25\" exhaust, Focus Central cam gear, Focus Central Pullie kit, H&R lowering springs, Escort LX sway bar. 13.9 1/4 mile time is the best so far.
N/AStacyauto1998Pacific GreenMedium Prairie TanSlowly converting a ZX2 cool over a hot...Put 14\" Alloy wheels, leather seats, compass/autodim mirror, exhaust tip, working on trunk release button, and leather embroidered door panel insert.
N/AStephanie Herdmanauto2001BlackGrayRear altezzas and an after market sony audio system
N/ASteve Brookman1999Autumn OrangePrairie Tanscratches in the doors, a dent in the front, 195 series tires...
N/ASteve Owen1998Pacific GreenMedium Prarie Tan
N/ATJ Tannermanual1998WhiteGreyIce-Man Intake w/ AFE filter, MSD Blaster coilpack, 9mm Ford racing wires, Xenon Blue headlights, Esslinger UDP, ZXtuner altenator pulley, Alpine 7893 Deck,
N/ATamara Konigshofermanual1999Graphite BlueGreyCD player system
N/ATharon auto1998silvergreyaluminum flywheel, neon lined seats, ground effects, cobra eyes
N/AThomas Mumfordauto2001SilverGray/Black
N/ATiffanymanual2002Really pretty bluedark graynone yet
N/ATim Bknermanual1999atlantic bluetanno mods installed so far, i have only had it a week, i love it!
N/ATim Cronemanual2000Bright Red/Metalic BlackCharcoal GreyExterior: JT Autostyle Evo 2 kit, AFX Hood, custom vented fenders, Streetglow underbody neons, streetglow headlight strobes, shaved emblems/molding 18\" Motegi MR8 rims, Faulken tires, Arospeed springs Interior: Momo shift knob, B&M short shifter, Carbontec Combosites leather boots, ZXtuner reverse indiglo gauges, Ichibahn racing pedals, Pioneer DEH-P6400 headunit, Streetglow neons, Tweed door inserts, painted vents Engine: Weapon R intake, Esslinger cam gear, UDP, and oil cap, ZXtuner intake elbow, and radiator brackets, Ford Racing 9mm wires, Dual Hayame Type 1 mufflers with 2.25\" piping, 180 degree thermostat, IAT/ECT mod
N/ATim Dinesmanual2000Silver FrostGrey/BlackAccel Coil, Ford 9mm Wires, Pilot Driving Lights, CTA intake, K&N Filter, Falken 205/55 15 Ziex 502\'s
N/ATim Goldermanual1998Smoke BlackGrayPainted Red Interior, Pioneer Premier Head Unit, Ichebond shift knob,cold air intake, catback exhaust carbon fiber hood and pedials
N/ATim Goldermanual1998Smoke BlackGrayPainted Red Interior, Pioneer Premier Head Unit, Ichebond shift knob,cold air intake, catback exhaust, carbon fiber hood and pedials
N/ATim Joinesmanual2003BLueBlackIntake, Superchip
N/ATim Lindauto1999Dark GarnetGraphiteSVT Logo, and Angry Eyes windshield banner, more to come.
N/ATim Lindauto1999Toreador RedGraphiteSVT Logo, and Angry Eyes windshield banner, more to come.
N/ATina manual1998
N/AToby Truslowmanual2000Zinc YellowGray bucket seatsYellow dash accents, Yellow shift boot, Artic blue headlights, Its a S/R baby!!!
N/ATodd Skrzypekmanual2002Custom Nissan 350Z Pearl BlueCharcholExauhst, Custom Upper Intake Resinator, Removed Lower Intakte Resinator.
N/ATom Franceauto1999GreenCharcoalCustom Intake, Dual Exhaust De-Resonated with Vortex Mufflers and Flowmaster Dual Tips, K&N Filters, 2600 RPM inline Fan, T Sports Customs Rims wrapped in Viper HX 195/60/15\'s, Volt Gauge, PIAA fogs, Sony Xplod, LED Spoiler, etc...
N/ATom Franceauto1999GreenCharcoalCustom Intake, Dual Exhaust De-Resonated with Vortex Mufflers and Flowmaster Dual Tips, K&N Filters, 2600 RPM inline Fan, T Sports Customs Rims wrapped in Viper HX 195/60/15\'s, Volt Gauge, PIAA fogs, cosmetics, etc...
N/ATom Lamotheauto1999Tropic GreenGraphiteIndiglo Gauges, aftermarket speakers, Toyo Proxes
N/ATom Murphy 1998Bright RedMedium Gray
N/ATom Novitskiauto2000BlackCharcoalNone Yet
N/ATom Selfauto2003SilverBlack With Black LeatherSystem, Remote Start/Alarm, Intake, Exhaust, Silverstars, Tints Dark All Around
N/ATyggerauto2001Twilight BlueCustom NAvy BLue/Yellow Interior w/ original Charcoal BlackRemoved lower air intake resonator, custom interior, k&n cold air intake, cat back custom exhaust
N/ATyggerauto2001Twilight BlueCustom NAvy BLue/Yellow Interior w/ original Charcoal BlackRemoved lower air intake resonator, custom interior, k&n filter, custom cold air intake, cat back exhaust, sony explode headunit, sony explode 6 1/2\" front speakers, sony explode 6 x 9\'s in back, 12\" subwoofer, tinted 25% windows.....future mods: wings west body kit, with custom paint job
N/AVictor Adriazolaauto1998BlackGrey
N/AVincent Durhamauto2002Black With Blue GraphicsLeather, Dark Grey And Black,With some blue paint mods.Nopi exhaust, Blue Graphics.Window Tint .17\" ADR Wheels, Paint mods inside and under hood,and Diamond Board floor mats, and more on the way.
N/AWilliam Blankenship Jr.manual2003Sonic BlueSmoke grey
N/AWilliam Worthymanual1998BlackTan
N/AXavier Iturbidemanual1999RedBlack
N/Amonte weldonmanual1998metallic blackgrayupper&lower res off.k&n filter Tint SVT PUT IN PLACE OF SPORT
N/aPepper Sanfordmanual2002BlackTan
N?ABrian Buzamanual2002BlackCharK&N Filter
NABernie Lewismanual2001Whitegreyzxtuner elbow & upper resonator replacement, cut airbox w/ 3\" cold air intake, K&N filter, Ford Wires, Accell coil, 2 1/4\" catback exhaust , upper strutbar, R/S suspension, 6.5X15 Konigs w/205/45 Kuhmos, B&M short shifter w/ leather boot, black lower grill, bra, custom windshield shade
NABobby Colemanual2002Blue
NADan Bowlesmanual1998Met. BlueGrayish blueGoing to add my old sub and amp to stock radio/cd changer...want tint...custom alarm
NAErick Turnerauto1998Metalic Blackgreypanel insterts, al windows tinted, alloy wheels, custom made decals, seat covers custom, int has blue all over, blue neon lights, great sound, cd player, always adding more!
NAErik Hudakmanual2000Redgrey/blackStock...for now...
NAJeff Roerdinkmanual2001RedTan
NAJerryauto2003Dark Grey MetalDark Grey
NAMike auto1998orangelime greenINT: carbon fiber shift knob, 3 gauage pods, indeglo gauge,indeglo pedles, orange steering wheel,sparco seats, green ground alumination lights, pioneer 7\"screen dvd mp3 cd player, 2 12\" compitition subwoofers, 2 gold adiobahn amp 1200Watts.EXTandys auto sports body kit, fast & furious orange supra decals,green under glow, five zeigen exhaust(cat-back),yoko tires 7 spoke 4 lug white rims (17\"), eibach lowering springs,5% tint,orange windsheild viser,loads of sponser decals,specialized ZX2 cut out hood with grill mesh under it painted lime green. SOON TO ADD, ZX2 altezzas(come out 1-10-03).Engine: I plead the fifth
n/a**EpIcK**auto1999gold goldintake
n/aAndrew Brucemanual2000Red Grey
n/aAndrew Brucemanual2000Red Grey
n/aAntonio Ramosauto1999Silver ShineGrey
n/aAshley Banaganauto2003Charcoal Grey MetalicDk Greynone so far
n/aBen Cookauto1999WhiteGrey6 disc cd changer
n/aBob K. (RKZX2)manual1999Autumn OrangeCharcoallots
n/aBrandon Millerauto1999Denim BlueLt. brownspark plug wires, coil pack , shorty header , weapon R intake ,mesh grill , lowered 1.5 , enki cdr9 17*7 rims ,cd player , hayame exhaust , and painted the middle reflector to match th car .
n/aBrandy Bullardauto1999Denim BlueTan
n/aBrhiannon Sarverauto1998RedGreyMirror tint windows, Eyebrow, CD player, Power everything, Sun Roof and Custom Wheels
n/aBrian OMalleyauto1999Light Blue
n/aBrian O\'Malleyauto2002Light BlueGrey Blue LED Lights, 2- 12\" alpine EX subs, 15\" rims
n/aBrian Pilarskimanual1999RedCharcoalFord Motorsport/Borla Muffler
n/aCarissamanual1999graphite bluegrey
n/aCarl V Brazilmanual1999silverdark grayice man air intake/header.fiow master exast costom grafix
n/aCarlos Cmanual2000RedGrayLow Temp Thermostat, Intake, Side Graphics..More to Come...
n/aCarlos Marreromanual1999Bluetan
n/aCasey Sterlingauto1999BlackBrown
n/aCharles Lydymanual1998WhiteGrey and blackHotShot Ram Air Intake/Bando Underdrive Pulleys/ Progress Lowering Springs/ Pacesetter Full Exhaust and Headers
n/aCharles Lydymanual1998WhiteSilver and BlackHotShotPerformance Short Ram Air Intake/Bando Underdrive Pulleys/17inch Series wrapped in Sumotoma/2-12inch Treo\'s pumping with 600w MA Audio amp/Pioneer unit
n/aChris Bergeronmanual1998GreenGrayHotshot4-2-1 header, Weapon-R Dragon intake system, Ractive strut bar, Borla muffler, Reverse indiglo gauges, custom white gauge surround, Brushed aluminum gauge bezel, APC indiglo race pedals, aftermarket shift knob, aftermarket fog lights, Kenwood 3-way speakers all around, Kenwood in dash cd player.
n/aChris Bergeronmanual1998GreenGrayhotshot 4-2-1 header, Weapon-R Dragon intake system, Ractive strut bar, Borla muffler, Reverse indiglo gauges, custom white gauge surround, Brushed aluminum gauge bezel, APC indiglo race pedals, aftermarket shift knob, aftermarket fog lights.
n/aChris Ottesonmanual99BlackTanK&N intake
n/aCorey Mullinsauto2000whitegraphite
n/aCory Kilpatrickmanual2001mineralgreycharcoal greyIceman cold air intake,Superchip,B&M short throw shifter,9mm ford racing plug wires,Accel Coil,6 speaker MB quartz, 2 Kenwood 600watts,Eclipse 650watt, MA audio 15\", Python alarm
n/aCourtland Morrisonmanual99BlackGrey
n/aCourtland Morrisonmanual99BlackGreyTinted Windows, Blue HeadLight Bulbs, Red Turn inner Turn Signals, Pioneer 8200-r stereo, Polk Tweeters dx 3000, Image dynamics Idq5, Image dynamics idq12.2 4 ohm sub autotek Stealth 300.s 500.s Amplifiers Alt 185 series rims 16X7, 205/40/16 tires Nitto
n/aDarian Morrisauto1998Bluegray
n/aDarrell Bradfordmanual1999BlueTwo-Tone Brown
n/aDave Gregorymanual1998BlackGreyIon blue headlights, Sony Xplod CD reciever, Kenwood 1500W amp w/ PPI pro 12\'\' sub
n/aDave Motuzasmanual2002redcharcole
n/aDavid Cruzmanual1999Denim BlueTanintake, exhaust
n/aDavid M. Dowlingmanual2001BlackCharcoalNone.... YET!
n/aDennis Vegamanual2002BlackBlack and Grey leather buckets with zx2 logo Cold air intake, 17in Konig, Bomz exhaust, 6cd changer, short shifter, leather boot, andysauto body kit, tinted windows with silver flames, PIAA ultra white bulbs for fog lights super whites for headlamps
n/aDoctor Xauto1999TanTan15% tint, cold air intake, underdrive pullies, new 82 Alt, 2 Sony 1200 Watt Class D mono Amps, 2 Audiobanh 10\" 3500 Subs (2000 RMS), Dyno Kits, Lower Springs, 17\" Neepers, Sony CD/MD/DVD player,
n/aDon G.manual2000Silver FrostDark Charcoalalpine 700 watt 4 channel amp polk audio gxr 51/4 components in front polk audio 5 x 7 in back alpine sub amp 700 watt with an eclipse 10\" hp woofer in box......alarm with keyless entry more to come
n/aDon Lauriemanual1998Toreador RedLight GreyWeapon-R intake, 2 1/4in. Catback W/Magnaflow muffler, Strut Tower Bar, 17\" Team Loco 142s, WW Air Dam, Focus Central Pulley kit, Speed Hut Indeglo Gauges, and many more appearance, performance &Audio mods.
n/aDouglass Scalisemanual2002dark shadow graycharcoalZXtuner / Hotshot Performance 2.5\" Cat Back Exhaust System
n/aDrew Taylormanual1998BlackgreyWing, 17\" Rage 5.0 Wheels one falken zeix rubber, cool air intake.
n/aDwayne Rutledgemanual1998oxford whitegraphiteCTA intake w/ filter relocator, EGT swaybar, front/rear endlink bushings, Borla exhaust, Ractive shift knob, pedals, & strut bar, JVC headunit, Sony CD Changer, P195/60R14 sport tires
n/aErik Hudakmanual2000RedBlack/Greynone yet
n/aGreg Brownmanual1998burgondygreytd04-h 15g turbo w nos, combat bomb body kit, tenzo, morpious 17\'\' rims
n/aHazel Brooksmanual1999BlackBlack\'hot\' sport package
n/aHazel Brooksmanual1999BlackBlack\'hot\' sport package
n/aHelpingstineauto1998Light Denim BlueGreyAutostart, otherwise stock(not for long), only 36,000 orginal miles
n/aJamesmanual2000zinc yellowno interioresslinger drag motor, quife tranny all motor 304hp @ wheels, 10.11 in quarter
n/aJanamanual1999cameleon redgrey/yellowweapon R coilovers, tinted windows, greddy cat-back exhaust, and more to come
n/aJason Boycemanual1998Bright RedGreyKenwood fold down CD deck, Infinity Kappa 6x8, Red leather custom shifter boot, carbon fiber shifter knob, red door inserts.
n/aJason Boycemanual1998RedGrey
n/aJason Karrmanual98redtan and whiteweapon R intake,disabled governer,custom interior.custom exhaust
n/aJason Stephensonauto2001blackblack leather
n/aJeff & April Wickesauto1998BlackGray
n/aJeff Reinhartmanual1999bluegreyblue halogen lights, iceman intake, pacesetter catback exhaust w/4 inch tip....more to come
n/aJeremy Thomasmanual1999BlackBeigeWork in progress
n/aJessie Pippsmanual2000bluetanintake&exhaust many more on the way
n/aJim Algattmanual2000blacktannone
n/aJimmy Williamsauto2000silvercharcoal
n/aJobe Overtonmanual1999Clearcoat Denim Blue MetallicGrey/BlackRF Modulated 10 disc CD
n/aJoe Bisciaiomanual2002Shadow GreyDark GreyHotshot intake, jba headers, pace setter short shifter, hp racing muffler
n/aJoe Dyttmerauto1999RedBeigeTinted Windows, Pioneer Audio System, 2001 Focus 2.0L engine
n/aJoe Knightauto2002Grabber GreenBlackStreetGlow UnderBody Kit ( yellow), Hood Rod PowderCoated Yellow, Foot Accel Pedal, 2 - 24 in Green neon tubes (interior), 2 Green strobes, Lower & Upper resonator taken out, 2 Sony Xplod 12\" subs, Sony 1000 watt amp, Drums & calipers painted yellow, Custom Naxos Exhaust,
n/aJosh Websterauto2001Bright Atlantic BlueMidnight BlackBlue halogen headlamps, Blue/ Silver Racing Pedals, Silver ZX2 Custom Decals on each door
n/aLana manual1999Bright Red TanCoil springs, side skirts, cat back muffler
n/aLauren Thomasmanual1998goldtantinted windows
n/aLisaauto2000amazon greendark grey.......needs some advice
n/aLisa Zoellickmanual1998blackgrey
n/aMary Hmanual1999BlackGraypioneer head unit, with 4 subs, 2 amps, component system on the way. have-but not on: big ass tailpipe, new blue tach with shift light, led windsheild wiper squirters, waiting for euros, new spoiler, body kit on order, neons inside, ground effect lighting, turbo on order
n/aMathew J. Paskoauto2001silver frostblack/blue(custom)many-cta intake-lots of blue neons-subs-new speakers...and MORE to come
n/aMatthew Langemanual1998WhiteGreyStock
n/aMatthew McCardellmanual2003island bluegreyneon lights, sound system, intake, exhaust, turbo, and soon to be body kit and custom paint
n/aMike Townsendauto1999whitecharcoal gray
n/aMike Wojciakauto2003WhiteGrayK&N Air Filter, MSD Blaster Coil, Ford Racing Wires, Pioneer DEH-450MP Cd/Mp3 Head Unit, Sony X-plode 3-way 6 1/2\" up front & Alpine 570A 6x8 Speakers in the rear fill. Looking to an iceman, U.S. Acoustics Amp & CDT Component Speakers.
n/aMrSciTrekmanual2002WhitetanKemanized w/ K&N air filter, Eibach springs on order, 2.25 pipe w/ Magnaflow soon, then tint, & ???
n/aNicholas Mankamanual1998BlueGreyIntake resonators removed, K&N, cold-air induction, speed limiter removed, 3\" shorter shifter with S/R boot, reverse indiglow gauges, no timing cover, cam cover breather installed.
n/aPatrick Freemanual1999Oxford WhiteCharcoalNone
n/aPhil Scottmanual2000Atlantic Blueblackdark tint,pioneer cd
n/aRandyauto1999BlackBlack16\'\' wheels, low pro tires, cool intake, ported polished, large valves, body kit
n/aRandy manuel j.rauto1999BlackBlackK&N air filter, home made cold air kit, Alpine cda-7995 cd player, 1200watt Power Acoustik amp, 2-12\" vegas subs.
n/aRobert B. Ferusauto2000Citrus GoldGray
n/aRobert M. Berndsenauto1999Tropic GreenGrey
n/aRory Leigh Jenningsmanual1999Greengray
n/aRossauto1998silvergreykenwood sound system with 2 12\' rockford subs
n/aRoy mmanual1998blackgrey
n/aRussell Obremskimanual2000redblackS/R package nitrous express under drive pully
n/aRussell Obremskimanual2000redblacknitrous express under drive pully
n/aSammie Janeauto2000whiteblacknone right now
n/aSammy Bissellmanual1998Red
n/aSammy Bissellmanual1998RedGreyAll available
n/aScott Oroszmanual2002Carbon Bluecharcoalexaust, intake,
n/aSteve Mapesauto2001GreenGreynone yet...
n/aSteven Dissermanual1999BlackGrayself-made intake, tinted windows 20%, black vinyl sunstrip, Pioneer CD player, two 12\" Audio Bahns, PPI amp, interior strobes, Hyper Industries hyper white headlights, super white parking lights, red backing lights, chrome winshield washer nozzles w/ red LED turn signals, looking at racing wheels
n/aTJ kellymanual1998Cardinal RedGrey
n/aThom Dudgeonauto1999SilverGreyKeman resonators, Accel coil, Bosch +4s, Bosch spark plug wires, K+N performance filter, etc
n/aTim Baknermanual1998Tropic GreenGrey
n/aTim Oyermanual2001blackcharcoal w/ black and blue crushed velvet touches and disney blue painted panels and ventsbored throttle body, custom made intake w/MAF i also made myself, level 10 tranny upgrade w/LSD, 17\" 5 spoke\'s w/ toyo proxes, speedhut indiglo gauges (i was on the first order biatch), ractive strut tower bar, carbon fiber inserts on various engine parts, strobes in various places, neon interior highlights, optima red top located in the trunk, ECU/IAT mod, governor cut, short shifter, and a lot more of the little stuff not worth mentioning. you may already know me from the board if yur old enough to it......ZXTWOU2
n/aTim and Dawn Littleauto1998modified cold air intake, kenwood/pioneer system, chip, exhaust, electronic shift kit, remote start. Next is suspension upgrades!!!
n/aTimothy S. Whitemanual1998BlackCharcoal16\" Pacer \"Galant\" wheels, iceman intake, wings west body kit
n/aTimothy S. Whitemanual1998BlackCharcoal16\" wheels, iceman intake, wings west body kit
n/aTom Williamsmanual1999goldbrownnone yet, browsing
n/aTravis Tannermanual1998greentancool air intake, exhaust, short shifter
n/aTravis Woxlandmanual1998redgreyractive muffler,k&n filter
n/aVinniemanual2003SilverBlackBrand New as of 9/22/03
n/aWilliam Blankenshipmanual2003island bluedark greysvt reprogamed computer,NX nitrous system,custom exhaust
n/aZach Kroenkeauto1998redgreycold air intake ground affects
n/aZech Shonemanual2002twilight bluecharcoaliceman cold air intake, hotshots catback exhaust,aluminum dash, white gauges
n/aalana guerraauto2001silvergraphitei have a standard zx2 for now, i have black mud flaps from Ford on the front and back of the car. that\'s about it!!
n/aamanda turknettauto1998cherry redgrayn/a
n/aamanda turknettauto1998cherry redgrayn/a
n/aandrew pigeonmanual2000dark bluegreylowered, intake, exhaust
n/abrandon olstadmanual2002silverdark grayK&N,2x10\" kenwoods,10-disc changer, ractive muffler, euro-lites.
n/abrenda kurthauto2000dark greengray
n/achad johnsonmanual2000redblackbody kit, high flow ex, cold air intake, 17\" rims, clifford alarm remote start,
n/achrismanual2002greencharcoalremote start, audiobahn (5 1/4), boston (6x8), two 10\' memphis subs, memphis amp
n/acody buckauto2000atlantic bluedark charchoalwing, air ride, 17\' wheels, all rockford system, gonna get the buddy club kit, invader carbonfiber hood, gun metal wheels, lots of stuff
n/adavid sinkoauto98metallic dark bluegrey/charcoalafx hood w/ black scoop, black grille scoop insert, blue neon in scoop, hotshot catback exhaust, hotshot intake, afx udp, superchip, s/r seats and interior pieces, floormats, pilot two way driving lights, apc sidemarkers, s/r eibach lowering kit, customautotrim.com spoiler, 5\" flip down color monitor, vcr, ps2, n64, kenwood minidisc headunit, 10 disc kenwood cd changer,carmen is a whore, enkei rf 1 16\" rims , and many more
n/aeric ogilvieauto1999burnt orangesilver,black and white
n/aflava flavauto1999bluebeige
n/ajason danielsmanual2000tornedo redtancustom cta motorsports intake, tinted windows, shorty antenna, energy suspension motor mounts, 500 watt kenwood 12\" sub, 400 watt & 650 amps
n/ajay manual1998black
n/ajeff petersauto1998metallic blackgrayfull body kit
n/ajohn belanskymanual2003silvercharcoal
n/ajonathan clarkauto1998wine redgrey soon to be wine redspeed chip, akimoto air intake, zx2 costomized front parking lights, red racing pedals, red aluminum shifter.
n/aken vislayauto2001blackgrey/tanaudio bahn 12 inch AW1200Q sub, Soundstorm 800.2 amp, aiwa cdc head unit, ICEMAN intake, superchip, valve cover breather, wings west body kit, and all the gay neon stuff...more coming!
n/akyle whisenhuntauto2000redbeigesony explod sound system
n/anick vanattamanual1999silvergrey..cta intake.. jba header..custom 2.25 exhaust to n1 muffler ractive strut bar.. intrax springs 17 inch rs limited concept pros.. r1 dual plane spoiler .. hyperwhite bulbs &turnsignals pilot fogs.. soon to have altezzas.. pioneer 6400 head unit.. pioneer & rockford components
n/apaul duganauto1998redgrayk&n filter,covered all wires and hoses with bright red sleeving,more to come
n/asteven wrightauto1999bluegray
n/ated sansonauto1998
n/aterry copemanual2000greentanmomo racing rims,aem intake,toyo tires,skunk 2 coil overs,apexi exhaust
n/atitus lawauto2000twilight bluegray/blackturboe exsaust system, k&n filter w/air ram, boss plug wires and platnum +2 plugs
n/atreymanual2002whitebrownmuffler, window tinting
n/avernauto2000redgreynone yet but very very soon, most I can find hoping that jackson racing super charger from the focus will work.
n/a -unknown at this time, can updateSamantha Bullauto2002Twilight BlueMedium Prarie Tannone yet
n/a i forget itZack Fikemanual2002deep canyeen reddark grey17in motegi rims in gunmetal color, red carbon fiber radio bezel, red carbon fiber shit plate, red racing pedals,shifter,and hand brake, k&n cold air intake, strut bar, red wires , and soon a bodykit and wing from wings west
n/a, will update laterBrian C. Polleymanual1998silver clearcoat frost, soon to be blackfactory grey, right now black, blue and greyCold air intake, K&N filtercharger, IAT modification, removal of speed governor, sound system( i retained the factory head unit and cd changer) 160 Degree thermostat, synthetic tranny fluid, removal of catalytic converter and muffler for glasspak turbo exaust, lots of painting, detailing, cosmetic modifications
n\\aAndrew E. Petersonauto2001bluegrayalpine head unit, 12\"JL subs, alpine amp, lanzar amp, Powerbass 5x7\'s, led sprayer nozzles
n\\ashawn thomasmanual1998greengreytwin turbo chargers msd ignition and coil pack racing cam
naChad Russellauto1999 WhiteTanK&N FILTER, Lo Pro Tires, Window Tint, 1,000 Watt Stereo System
naD. Waltersmanual2000toreado redtanlight kit inside and out stereo system
naEric Vaithmanual2002redbrown and tan
naJanelle Bryantauto2001blackgray
naJed Clawsonmanual1998redgray, black and silver trimK&N filer, Iceman intake, Eibach springs, Bosch Platimum +4, 16\" American Racing wheels w/50 pro Potenza RE730
naJeff Wettlingauto1998greengreyFlowmaster exhaust pipe, tinted windows, 10inch sub, with pioneer amp. more coming soon.
naMark Beckerauto2000
naPhill pottermanual1998blackgrayK and N filter
naRobertmanual1999redtwo tone tanjust a k&n filter for right now under the hood out side after market lights, wipers, spoiler, and shifter
naScott Brickoauto1999Blackgrey
naStacy Robinsonmanual2000BlackGray
naVernon Applingmanual1999blue stealgreyice man cold air intake with bypass, 4-2-1 headers, superchip, s/r pakage, catblack exzust
nabubba kernmanual2003silver frostcharcoal leathermoonroof
nadavemanual2002greylt grey
nadavid sparksmanual2002redgreygive me time 10 disk cd changer so far
naglenn campmanual1998redredcd,shortshifter,catback exaust headers
naglenn campmanual1998redtan and red
najohnmanual2003blackblackapex n1 street racing muffler with 2.5 inch piping
namatt garciamanual2000jet blackcarolina blue and greywings west body kit, wing 17\' rims,kamikaze header, guages, custom interior
namike gonzalezmanual2003mandarin coppertanna so far
3fakp1134yr191135Adrian Gonzalezmanual2000BlackCharcoal GreyCTA Intake
3FAFP11341R187819Jason R. Leonovichmanual2001Sunray Gold Clearcoat MetallicMidnight Black Sport ClothRemoved stock lower resonator

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